- 1916 - Creation of Gaudier & Kuppel company

Mr. Louis Gaudier was Mayor of Clichy, a city near Paris, from 1908 to 1925, and Mr. Hermann Kuppel was a German inventor.

At the time, wooden containers and paper packaging were frequently treated against humidity for sea transport. The two gentlemen joined forces to create a packaging business based on tarred paper, wood and paper.

Several innovations that Gaudier and Kuppel developed were praised and ultimately patented.

- 1961 - Acquisition by Mr Armand Hagiage

Six months after his entry as sales representative, Armand Hagiage purchased the company and quickly evolved activity in the company's distribution of packaging, papers, boxes, adhesives, plastics bags and more. He developed a customer base within close proximity, mainly in ready-to-wear clothing and fur.

Armand Hagiage

- 1980 - His son, Marc Hagiage,
joined the company

In 1982, Marc transformed the company from it's commercial origins to give it more of an industrial dimension, with serial production of cartons and wardrobe boxes. After the Golf War in 1990, the ready-to wear industry was strongly effected and Gaudier & Kuppel consequently introduced car-accessories to it's portfolio. The company later assumed the development of posters, packaging, small displays, and more…

- 1998 - A decisive turning point

Gaudier & Kuppel won a tender from the Garnier Laboratories, L’Oréal, with the first order for a display of a range of shampoos, that was, at the time, entirely innovative and technically-complex.
The mission was successfully completed, with a cost reduction of nearly 50% for the customer. Garnier then becomes the Group’s first historical customer in Point-of-Sale Advertising.

- 2010 - Acquisition of Isoforme

Gaudier and Kuppel sought to diversify and master all aspects of merchandising, including entering the world of luxury goods.


Isoforme began in the family workshop of father and son, Jean and Carol Chotin, who specialized in making light fixtures, including the iconic « mushroom lamp », which is found in many police movies.

Isoforme was officially created by Carol Chotin, a passionate inventor, Albert Alby, a visionary entrepreneur and Christophe Malème. With this given lineup of prestigious individuals, it is no wonder Isoforme works with acclaimed houses, such as Yves Saint Laurent, Clarins and Hermès.
The first achievements of the company were hand-made by Jean Chotin in his family home in Dammarie-sur-Saulx.
A decisive turning point

This year marks a decisive turning point in the history of Isoforme. Thanks to a spectacular order of 4300 general testers, Clarins allows Isoforme to take on a major challenge and develop its reputation.
The company takeover

The family house had long since given way to a real processing plant, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery.
  Marc Hagiage retained the legacy and traditional know-how that had made the company famous. He brought new expertises and accelerated the development of the company by infusing it with innovative spirit.

- 2012 - First Popaï Award

For the launch of "Eau délicate" of Narcisso Rodriguez, the company achieved a spectacular XXL window.
This technical prowess is rewarded with a Popaï Award, the best french distinction for marketing point-of-sale professionals.

- 2013 - Three Popaï Awards in 2013

Isoforme rewarded for the launch of X campaign, Jean Paul Gaultier.
GK rewarded for the lauch of Miss Candy campaign, L'Oréal Paris.
GK rewarded for the treatment table, Ducastel.

- 2016 - PaperscentTM Launch

Gaudier & Kuppel differenciates and innovates with PaperscentTM, the connected device that revolutionnizes the fragrance-testing experience.

After several years of experience in luxury retail and merchandising, Julia Hagiage, Marc's daughter, joins the group to develop the product and give it an international dimension.

Discover PaperscentTM